Other instruments

Here you will find a wide selection of Suzuki Melodions, Recorders, Tonechimes, School Instruments, Xylophones, Metallophones, Glockenspeil and more.
Melodions are in Alto, Soprano and Bass. Recorders are available with German and Barougue fingersetting. All Suzuki instruments are in very high quality.
Melodion or Melodica it`s the same instrument. Here you find all types of Suzuki and Hammond Sopran, Alto and Bass Melodica.
It`s a very easy to play instrument for both adults and children. We have the Study-32 serie especially for children and also the Suzuki Pro-37V3 model for the more experienced, and a hole lot of other models in between. Hammond makes a melodion that both can play elektric and acoustic with it`s built-in microphones.

There are two varieties of recorder, "Baroque style (English style)" and "German style." These can be distinguished by the differences in fingering, based on the design.
If the two styles are compared, the following differences in characteristics will be seen.
German Style have a large and small hole in the 4th & 5th. hole, and the Baroque Style (English) the other way around.

Suzuki handchimes / tonechimes are an excellent and rewarding group instrument. Great for use in the classroom, each individual chime is labeled with the note name along with its enharmonic equivalent in the case of accidentals.
Xylophones & Metallophones from Suzuki have achieved a worldwide reputation for excellence.
Suzuki's diatonic xylophones have the finest quality of solid bars, note name identification, and storage for chromatic bars
A most beautiful looking and sounding instrument, it`s just high japanese quality when it`s best.
Glockenspiel from Suzuki is just high japanese quality when it`s best.
Suzuki's Glockenspiel have the finest quality of bars and note name identification.
It`s easy to play for all age groups and easy to bring along.